To achieve its objectives, HAHCD aims to run the following community projects and related activities in Uvira:

  • Establishment of a community health centre (aimed at improving health and wellbeing of vulnerable people in Uvira) – Proposal for Uvira Medical Clinic.
  • Health education activities.
  • Business development and microfinance projects for poverty relief.
  • Schooling sponsorship for orphaned children.
  •  Wellbeing, social and community engagement activities, such as computer literacy program, community gardening and related activities.


Proposal for Uvira Community Health Centre

From 16 to 17 April 2020, torrential rain fell in the city of Uvira with flooding which caused 36 mortalities, and more than 40 people injured with fears of many others swept away by the flood waters. This project is focused on establishing a free medical clinic to service the needs of the flood victims and the most vulnerable people in the impoverished communities in the city of Uvira, D.R.Congo.

Goal: AUD $68,000