HAHCD is a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation and registered charity in
Queensland, Australia. HAHCD aims to improve health outcomes through
the provision of health services and community development activities
for vulnerable people in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo “DRC”.
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HAHCD seeks to fight poverty in the territory of Uvira by raising funds to
promote healthcare initiatives and implementing community development activities
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Humanitarian Action in Healthcare and Community Development

We work to support healthcare and community development initiatives in the territory of Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo “DRC”.

Uvira is a city in the South Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, located on the northern banks of Lake Tanganyika.

 The province of South Kivu in Congo is experiencing enormous challenges. The situation is particularly serious in remote areas, including the territory of Uvira where there is wide scale poverty, tribal conflict and the health system is extremely inadequate.

Only 20% of the population in Congo have access to healthcare. Medical facilities are severely limited and medical materials are in short supply. An adequate supply of prescription or over-the-counter drugs in local stores or pharmacies is also generally not available. Payment for any medical services is expected in cash in Congo, in advance of treatment. Many of the existing public health centres are non-functioning and inaccessible, due to the ongoing political insecurity, lack of road connectivity and appropriate social infrastructures. Communities are forced to rely on traditional medicine, risking their lives.

Poor sanitary conditions in rural areas and lack of potable water cause a high rate of infant mortality. Many other health problems, including malaria, cholera and HIV/AIDS, lack of food and proper water supplies, as well as lack of trained personnel continue to negatively impact Uvira’s development of an efficient healthcare system.

In a region that has seen so much misery and so many conflicts, women and children are often the greatest victims. The atrocious use of rape as a weapon of war, which this region has seen too much of, has resulted in large numbers of children born of rape. These children are frequently excluded from full participation in their family and community.

General poverty, and the lack of adequate health and education services mean that thousands of children are malnourished and without access to healthcare and schooling. The number of orphans is very high, and often these children have no choice but to live unsafe lives on the streets, where they risk falling victims to violence and sexual abuse.


To achieve maximum health across the lifespan for the vulnerable communities of Uvira.


To promote and improve the lifetime health of individuals and communities in Uvira through prevention strategies, advocacy, partnerships and the promotion of health equity.


HAHCD works and advocates on the belief that poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected.


HAHCD’s President Amos Ruhindwa originally comes from remote areas of Congo in the territory of Uvira in the province of South Kivu.

After witnessing the horrors of Congo’s wars and settling in Australia, Amos wanted to help his homeland still mired in extreme poverty, tribal conflicts, and lack of health infrastructures. After years of discussions with relevant stakeholders and research into the most effective ways to sustainably lift people out of poverty, he concluded that supporting healthcare and implementing community development initiatives is one of proactive ways to improve the living standards of families and communities in Uvira.



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